Image Import - The world’s fastest image importer.

Digital Photography Workflow Software for Mac OSX.


Image Import© is a professional digital photography software for clients and photographers.

Clients, like H&M, use it to customize and improve their photography workflow, saving time and money.

Image Import handles all image files, from importing to archiving, and lets you concentrate on creating images.

It is VERY FAST, powerful, easy, reliable, non-crashing and fully automatic.

It follows the highest workflow, metadata and validation standards.

It makes your image files future safe, and gives you a consistent job structure every time.

It is faster, easier, more reliable, and more secure than other comparable workflows.

It protects your RAW files against file corruption and damage.

It uses no custom databases or hidden information of any kind.

All image metadata is in the files, making them completely portable and readable by all other image apps.

Image Import is a real timesaver.

It can save you hours of work, every day of a photoshoot.

Nothing runs faster than Image Import !

-> Customized to give clients and photographers a perfect workflow.

-> Faster and more reliable than any other photography workflow software.

-> Imports and Organizes RAW, JPEG and Video files, following the DP Best Practices recommendations.

-> Tags all image files with structured metadata, following the MWG recommendations.

-> Supports all major RAW file formats.

-> Checks RAW Image Color Profile, and adds JPEG sRGB Color Profile if missing.

-> Protects your RAW files by validating your RAW files (pixel-by-pixel).

-> Resizes and changes resolution of JPEG files for faster and easier image layout.

-> Backs up all image files.

-> Produces DNG (Adobe Digital negative) files for archiving.

-> Checks an entire job for missing, damaged or misplaced files.

-> Moves all rated JPEG files to a separate folder.

-> Syncronizes RAW file ratings with JPEG file ratings.

-> Compatible with all major RAW browser applications (Capture One, Adobe Lightroom etc).

-> Compatible with all major JPEG browser applications (Adobe Bridge, Photo Mechanic etc).

-> Compatible with all major DAM (Digital Asset Management) database solutions (Canto Cumulus etc).

-> Follows the Metadata Working Group (MWG) recommendations.

-> Follows the Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow recommendations.

-> Supports USB Bar Code Readers.

-> Supports importing from Camera Flash Cards.

-> Supports importing from Folder.

-> Supports Tethered shooting (via watchfolder).

-> Supports Wireless shooting (via watchfolder).

-> Uses very little computer hard disk space and memory.

-> Runs on Mac OSX 10.5 or higher, on 32- or 64-bit Intel systems.

-> Developed and Tested by professional photographers.

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By being fully automatic, Image Import eliminates most human errors, saves much time,

and leaves photographers, clients and team to concentrate on more important things.

By managing backups, it increases security, and minimizes the risk of data loss.

An insurance in case of computer failure, human error etc.

Image Import saves time and money for clients and team by being faster and more stable than other solutions.

Every single file is in the right place, in just a few seconds:

Imported, Named, Organized, Validated, Resized, Tagged with metadata, Backed up etc.

Fast and Easy !

You need:

> Digital camera (producing RAW files).

> Flash card + Reader. (or Connection Cord + Software for Tethered/Wireless shooting).

> Mac OSX Computer (Intel processor, running Mac OSX 10.5 or higher).

> 1 or 2 external harddrives.

Image Import is advanced and hypermodern, using many built-in Mac OSX technologies,

behind a simple UNIX Terminal interface (for speed and stability).

You don't need any prior experience with the Terminal.

You just need to answer a few simple questions to Install, Configure and Run Image Import.

Image Import is very safe to use.

It will help you, and give you instructions onscreen.

Say Hello to your new powertool !

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